Hello I am Tharun Josh (He/Him)

I really enjoy diving deep into complex problems and solving them. I care about experience, accesibility and fun as well.

With a decade of experience in product design, I specialize in crafting elegant, user-friendly web and mobile applications. My unwavering passion for design fuels my curiosity about human interaction with technology.

My versatile background spans established companies and startups, encompassing sectors like Fintech, Edutech, e-commerce, e-governance, Foodtech, online services, healthcare, real estate, and productivity apps. This breadth has honed my expertise in end-to-end processes, from user research to wireframing, UI design, prototyping, and usability testing.

I've collaborated closely with CEOs, product managers, and developers to shape innovative product designs. In addition to my professional work, I've contributed to the growth of over 1600 aspiring UX Designers through a free online course.

My skill set includes design leadership, rapid prototyping, on-the-fly problem-solving, time management, up-to-date tech knowledge, and effective team management. I excel both as a team player and an independent contributor, and I possess strong managerial acumen.



Recognised as one of the top 1% design mentors on ADPlist


Helped 1600 students to become UX Designers

2016 - 2021

Part of 3 Acquisitions

My Experience

I have worked in a variety of businesses over the last ten years, therefore I can fit in practically any industry. For your convenience, the industries and products are listed below.

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